CIMZIA is available under pharmacy and medical benefits in 2 formulations

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Two formulations

CIMZIA is administered by subcutaneous injection. There are two ways to administer CIMZIA.

  1. Lyophilized powder administered by a healthcare provider: Patients can be given CIMZIA in a physician's office, or UCB may provide a home health nurse to administer CIMZIA in patients' homes. Learn more about administration by a healthcare provider.
  2. Self-administered by the patient: UCB, the pharmaceutical maker of CIMZIA, partnered with OXO Good Grips® to design a syringe that would be easy to use. Patients who are capable may self-inject CIMZIA using the prefilled syringe after proper training in subcutaneous injection. Learn more about self-administration of CIMZIA.

Recommended dosing

The recommended loading dose of CIMZIA for adults with moderate to severe CD is 400 mg (given as 2 subcutaneous injections of 200 mg) initially and at weeks 2 and 4. In patients who obtain a clinical response, the recommended maintenance regimen is 400 mg every 4 weeks.

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Important Safety Information

Rare reports of blood dyscrasias have been reported with CIMZIA; patients should be advised to seek medical attention if they develop.

Concurrent administration of CIMZIA with certain biological DMARDs, including anakinra, abatacept and rituximab, is not recommended due to an increased risk of serious infections.

In pre-marketing controlled trials of all patient populations combined the most common adverse reactions (≥8%) were upper respiratory infections (18%), rash (9%) and urinary tract infections (8%).

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