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For Crohn’s disease

Learn how CIMZIA may work for you.

What’s possible with CIMZIA? See for yourself below. Patients taking CIMZIA as
part of a clinical trial experienced these results.

CIMZIA® in Action at 26 Weeks. See full information on this page.
Results and Remission

Among the 64% of clinical trial patients who saw results with CIMZIA at 6 weeks, 63% continued to see results and 48% achieved remission at 26 weeks.*

*Vs. 36% of placebo patients and 29% of placebo patients at 26 weeks, respectively.

Quality of Life with CIMZIA®. See full information on this page.
Improved Quality of Life

6 out of 10 people who saw results with CIMZIA reported improvement in the following areas at 6 months:

  • Bowel symptoms
  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Emotional distress
  • Engagement in social activities

60% of CIMZIA patients at 6 months vs. 43% of placebo patients.

Results may vary; every person taking CIMZIA is different and responds differently to therapy.

CD Patient on CIMZIA®

I never was able to maintain feeling good, and so we decided we’d give CIMZIA a try.

- Becca, CIMZIA patientIndividual results may vary.

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Been on a Biologic Before?

If your treatment for moderate to severe Crohn's disease isn't working for
you, ask your gastroenterologist if CIMZIA may be right for you.

Proven Results Even With Prior Biologic Use

Of the 24% of clinical trial patients who had previously been on anti-TNF therapy, 44% responded to CIMZIA at 26 weeks.

Vs. 25% of placebo patients and among those patients who responded to CIMZIA at 6 weeks.

Results may vary; every person taking CIMZIA is different and responds differently to therapy.

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The Logic of a Biologic Like CIMZIA

CIMZIA is a biologic, meaning it is a drug derived from living sources that copy the effects of substances naturally made by your body’s immune system. As an anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) biologic, CIMZIA works to block TNF, which may cause or worsen inflammation.

What is The CIMZIA Difference? Its molecular structure makes CIMZIA the only biologic treatment of its kind for adults with Crohn’s disease.

As an injectable treatment, CIMZIA treats Crohn’s disease where it starts, inside the body.

The CIMZIA doctor discussion guide is available for download to assist with your next conversation with your gastroenterologist

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