Injection Instructions

CIMZIA injections at home

For injection training and support for self-injection at home, start by talking to your doctor. You or a caregiver will receive the training you need at your doctor's office to use the CIMZIA prefilled syringe for your CIMZIA therapy.

To refresh your knowledge about how to inject, reference the "Instructions for Use" booklet, which is available with your CIMZIA prefilled syringe drug kit, or download it here.

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CIMZIA product packaging is
patient- and planet-friendly.

The packaging for your prefilled syringes uses significantly less material than
previous designs, reducing CIMZIA’s environmental impact, with additional
instructions for dosing, use, and proper disposal of syringes that are easier
to read and understand.

If you’re taking CIMZIA and have questions about the updated packaging or
anything else regarding your treatment, our Nurse Navigators are here to help.
Please call 1-884-UCBNurse (1-844-822-6877) for ongoing support.*

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*Nurse Navigators do not provide medical advice and will refer you to your
healthcare professional for any treatment-related questions.

Prefilled syringe designed for comfort and control in partnership with OXO Good Grips®

Important Safety Information: Allergic
reactions may occur. Signs of an allergic
reaction include a skin rash; swelling or
itching of the face, tongue, lips or throat; or
trouble breathing.

How to store your CIMZIA syringes

If you self-inject your medication, you should receive it in a large package with ice packs that keep the contents cool. Remove the medication from the outer packaging and store it in the refrigerator in its original carton at 36° to 46°F (2° to 8°C) until you are ready to self-inject. Protect CIMZIA from light. Do not put CIMZIA in the freezer; it should never be frozen.

When necessary, CIMZIA syringes may be stored at room temperature up to 77°F (25°C) in the original carton to protect from light for a single period of up to 7 days. Once a CIMZIA syringe has been stored at room temperature, do not place it back in the refrigerator. Write the date removed from the refrigerator in the space provided on the carton and discard if not used within the 7-day period. For more about proper disposal of your syringes, visit

CIMZIA injections in your doctor’s office

You and your healthcare provider may determine that you should receive your CIMZIA injection in a doctor's office, through a powder formulation that a healthcare professional mixes, prepares, and administers. Your medicine will be sent to the doctor’s office or medical facility where you will receive your injection. Your doctor’s office orders the medication and bills your insurance for the cost.

Your doctor’s office will schedule a time for you to receive your first dose of your medication. The office may call you the day before or the day of your visit to confirm your appointment. When you arrive, the HCP will likely perform some basic checks (e.g., temperature or blood pressure) to ensure you can receive your treatment. Once you are cleared to receive your treatment, a nurse or medical assistant will generally administer your CIMZIA injection.

Talk to your doctor’s office about how much time you should plan for your treatment and whether you might want to bring someone with you. After treatment, the office staff may want to observe you before you leave the office. They will also schedule your next visits.

A CIMplicity® nurse is available to help with questions - 1-844-UCBNurse (1-844-822-6877).

CIMplicity® Nurse Navigators are also available to help with questions about CIMZIA as you begin treatment. You can reach one of our nurses at 1-884-UCBNurse (1-844-822-6877).†

Monday-Friday, 8 AM-8 PM, ET

†CIMplicity Nurse Support does not provide you with medical advice and does not replace the care of your healthcare provider. Any questions related to your individual treatment plan or medical treatment will be referred back to your treating healthcare provider.

CIMplicity® Nurse Navigators are also available to help with questions about CIMZIA as you begin treatment. You can reach one of our nurses at 1-884-UCBNurse (1-844-822-6877).†

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