Nurse Support

Dedicated, CIMZIA-Trained
Nurse Support

Manage your condition with confidence, knowing there’s someone with experience on your side. Personalized nurse support is one of the resources you’ll have access to with CIMplicity®.* CIMplicity nurses are available to answer questions, provide injection training, and discuss nutrition and wellness information related to your condition to support you during your treatment.

CIMplicity Nurse Support does not provide you with medical advice and does not replace the care of your healthcare provider. Any questions related to your individual treatment plan or medical treatment will be referred back to your treating healthcare provider.

Your CIMplicity nurse is available to:

  • Listen and help navigate treatment challenges you may face
  • Answer questions about your CIMZIA treatment, including how it works, dosing, and administration
  • Offer guidance and education about the CIMZIA treatment plan determined by your doctor
  • Help create a personalized plan for your treatment goals
  • Provide training using the prefilled syringe
  • Share available resources and support for your condition
  • Offer a treatment journal to track nutrition and learn lifestyle tips related to your condition

Once you enroll, a nurse will call you to talk about what to expect and how to move forward with CIMZIA. Keep in mind, this does not replace the care and medical advice of your healthcare provider. CIMplicity nurses do not give medical advice and will direct you to share your treatment-related questions with your doctor.

A dedicated CIMplicity nurse is ready to answer your questions about CIMZIA. To create your CIMplicity profile and get started, sign up for nurse support.

Nurse Support

A knowledgeable, reassuring voice can be an important source of support during treatment.

To speak with a CIMplicity nurse, call us at 1-844-UCBNurse (1-844-822-6877).

8 AM-8 PM, ET

*The CIMplicity program is provided as a service of UCB and is intended to support the appropriate use of CIMZIA. The CIMplicity program may be amended or canceled at any time without notice. Some program and eligibility restrictions may apply.